20 thousand dollars ‘super phone’ sales are coming

The sales price of the mobile phone named Solarin, which targets the managers of the company named Sirin, is announced as 20 thousand dollars.

The new phone, produced in partnership with Britain and Israel, has a military-grade firewall and has a technology at least two to three years ahead of the latest phones on the market.

The company’s founders, Mossa Hogeg, said in a statement to the Reuters news agency, “Although we do not have an advantageous commercial advantage, we offer the world’s latest technology to users.”

The Solarin smartphone will work with the Android operating system. However, the information about the telephone’s technical equipment or software is kept confidential.

It is stated that the phone will be moved to the market in May.

Luxury phone market worth $ 1.1 billion
Moshe Hogeg thinks that thousands of company executives in Europe and the United States can deduct 20 thousand dollars for this phone.
The world’s luxury mobile phone market is estimated at 1.1 billion dollars. But the pricing of expensive phones is usually technological hardware, luxury symbols such as gold plated.

British Vertu’s gold-plated and diamond-embossed phones are sold at prices ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000.

The most expensive phone to date is the Apple 5 Black Diamond with a black diamond on it. This phone has found a buyer for $ 15.3 million.

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