HTC Touch Diamond 3

The HTC Touch Diamond 3 may be the most stylish phone of 2018

The HTC Touch Diamond 3 may be the most stylish phone of 2018

The Touch Diamond 3 , which is announced to be launched by the end of 2018, attracts attention with its pyramid and diamond details . The device will be equipped with the Corning Gorilla Glass , which has a 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution, a 5.5 inch Super LCD6 capacitive touch screen. The smartphone’s Snapdragon 835 as a processor to be said that the device with 4 GB of RAM (also claimed to be 8 GB) seems likely to come.
The Touch Diamond 3 features a 24 Megapixel rear camera, while an unorthodox 16 Megapixel dual camera will be on the front . The device will have a storage capacity of 128 GB , 3930 mAh battery will be among the news. We will continue to inform you of all developments related to the device.
Caviar worth the fortune of the iPhone XS!

Caviar worth the fortune of the iPhone XS!

Apple introduced new iPhone models last month. iPhone Xs and Xs Max have been sold for about 1 month. Cupertino-based company iPhone Xs 999 dollars, if Xs inside Max 1099 dollars had set a starting price. If these prices are cheap, we recommend you to look at the iPhone models designed by Russian jewelry company Caviar .

Let’s make a little reminder for those who don’t know. Caviar, a jewelery company based in Russia. This company has been taking the new iPhone models for years and decorating them with gold, titanium and silver.

Caviar has already launched some models of gold, emerald with new iPhone models . Now, a design line called the Grand Complications Skeleton was created. If you wish, you can take a look at the models with this design.

The Russian jewelry company has set prices for the Skeleton series Xs for $ 6490 . If you like Xs Max, you may need to pay extra 230 dollars.

If you’re wondering how Caviar makes the Xs and Xs Max look like this, you can watch the video from the design stage below.

A footnote. If you want to buy a Caviar-signed Xs model , you need to disregard $ 36.500 from the current exchange rate .

Marks Jewelers

Marks Jewelers , the US famous jewelry brand , began to receive payments with crypto currencies

Marks Jewelers , the US famous jewelry brand , began to receive payments with crypto currencies , including Bitcoin Cash . Consumers are now diamonds, precious watches, jewelry and jewelry such as wedding rings BCH and seven other crypto currency unit will be able to get more use. Among the crypto currencies that can be used to make purchases from famous companies are: Bitcoin Diamond ,Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin , Bitcoin Gold , Dash , Ethereum , Litecoin and Zcoin is located.

Lower Transaction Fee

In addition to BCH, the company also receives payments with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Joshua Robin, marketing manager of Marks Jewelers, said:

”This is an opportunity for us to sell our jewels to the global market with lower transaction fees.”

Marks Jewelers has already become one of the largest jewelry dealers in the US market, but according to Rubin’s statement, this partnership with the e-commerce platform Shopping Cart Elite will help the company gain significant popularity at the international level. The Pennsylvania-based firm has been selling diamonds and jewelry for over 35 years. According to the company, payments made with crypto currencies will further reduce costs and bring jewelery to consumers with cheaper prices.

Paying with crypto currencies is a much more affordable and rational decision for both consumer and shopkeepers, as it requires a much lower percentage fee than paying by credit card.

How to choose best Diamond?

How to choose best Diamond?

There are some features to be considered when choosing diamonds, which are the symbol of marriage. These features not only to skip that proposal, but your partner’s enthusiast and enthusiastic installation should ensure. According to the news, there is a point that should not be forgotten if you want to install the world’s most expensive and large ring, these features will not look very valuable and attractive in your hand …

Look at the shape of your hand …

Although there are different kinds of make-up according to the shape of the face, there are also hand shapes. If your hand is small and your fingers are short, stay away from the big stone rings. Of course this point depends on which finger you choose diamonds. Look at your hand when you choose diamonds to tell us.

If you have long, thin fingers …

You may be the most lucky of the day. Because if you have a long and thin hand, this means that any kind of ring model may be suitable for you. You can move and choose any model you want.

If you have small fingers …

Yes, we came to the list of things to watch if your finger length is short you should choose the stone that fits your fingers and hand. Very large stony diamonds can stand in your hands and making them rough. As mentioned above, if you want to wear the most expensive ring in the world, you can make your ring and look unmatched unless you meet these criteria.

If you have thick fingers …

Contrary to what should be considered by those with small finger lengths, if you have thick fingers, your choice should definitely be the side of big stones. At the same time, instead of just limiting your preference as a single stone, you can also turn to multiple stone rings .