300 years old jewelry

Blue stone, which changes hands among the royal families of Europe, will be sold for the first time after 300 years by auction. The value of the stone was $ 5.27 million.

In Europe, the 6.16-carat blue stone jewel that changed hands between royal families will be sold for the first time on 15 May in an auction.

The jewel was unveiled at the Golconda mine in India and was presented to Elisabeth Farnese, the Queen of Spain, who was born in 1715, when she married King Philip of Philip. The blue stone with the marriages of Queen Elisabeth’s grandchildren in Europe changed from Spain to France, Italy and Austria to seven generations.

Blue stone, the place came the Duke of Lucca II. He’s got tie pins for Charles, and he’s got his place in the diamond crown, which was thought to have belonged to Marie Antoinette. The grandchildren of Queen Elisabeth are now selling the blue stone at an auction in the city of Genoa, Sweden.

The value of the stone is $ 5.27 million (21 million pounds), it was announced that it will be exhibited in London, New York, Singapore, Taipei and Genoa before the auction.

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