Why the “Chocolate Diamonds” is one of the best quality?

Brown diamonds which are almost the most worthless type of diamonds add value to their value in recent years .

At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, who had a $ 130,000 chocolate diamond necklace, paid only $ 16,000 to borrow, diamond earrings …

This kind of diamond, which became popular after all, was a stone that we could never see on the red carpet, more recently, 6 times cheaper than its current price. So what has changed, why have chocolate diamonds become so expensive?

The colors of the diamonds, depending on the elementenlerin the carbon structure during their formation develops.

For example, boron, the diamond has a sweet blue, while the diamond is close to a natural source of radiation during formation, green color causes. Whatever the reason, diamonds have a variety of colors, such as rainbow. Apart from these colors, there are also brown diamonds.

Brown diamonds, which were sold at cheap prices because of their low quality and very flawed for centuries, were not wanted by the jewelers.

Especially when they can use bright colors like pink, blue or yellow instead. Therefore, brown diamonds are used in tools that provide functions such as drilling rocks and cutting glass.

But in 1986, this situation changed after the opening of the Argyle Mine, the majority of the diamonds produced by the diamonds, which produced more diamonds than any other mine on Earth.

Even though it was said that the amount of precious stones extracted from Argyle was not equal to the quality, companies still managed to create a market.

LeVian became the most prominent brand in this regard.

Eddie LeVian, the CEO of the brand , says:, We found natural, beautifully colored, air brown diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.

The brand “Chocolate Diamond” started to market in 2000 and grew in a short time.

Google searches for ” chocolate diamonds” rose from 0 in 2007 to 400,000 in 2014. As they became popular, their values naturally increased. “The price of chocolate diamonds has more than tripled in this process.” says LeVian.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the price of brown diamonds was about 1,500 dollars per carat, but now it goes up to $ 10,000.

The price of larger stones is up to 25 times.

Of course, LeVian is not the only brand that tries to re-market brown diamonds.

Other jewelery brands such as Zales tried to sell these stones by giving them names like “champagne”, “cognac” and “cappuccino”. But the most successful name was ” chocolate “.

LeVian also mentions that only 4% of the extracted diamonds meet the criteria.

For this, the diamonds have to have shapes between c4 and c6 and should be close to the milk chocolate color than the bitter .

Although the rumor is currently rumored to have exhausted diamonds at the Argyle mine, the expert, John King, thinks that diamonds can be found in a variety of colors.

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What are you thinking? Don’t forget to write down your ideas about selling a stone that was once worthless, and selling it to hundreds of thousands of pounds with marketing tactics today!

Living Millionaire couple Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian entered the jewelery business

Living Millionaire couple Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian entered the jewelery business

Millionaire couple Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian entered the jewelry business

Champion tennis player Serena Williams and her wife Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, opened a jewelry store.

Champion tennis player Serena Williams and her wife Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, made a joint venture.

37-year-old tennis star Williams and his 35-year-old wife Ohanian opened a jewelery shop on Saturday in Beverly Hills called XIV Karats, Ltd.

The American couple with a child were seen walking out of the jewelry store at the weekend.

Double cheerful objects reflected in the lens, Ohanian in the hand of a jewelry store in the hands of a shopper’s shop drew attention.

Williams, who is among the world’s most winning athletes, founded Reddit, which has a value of 1.8 billion dollars.

Saudi Princess was robbed in Paris: 800 thousand euros lost in jewelry

In Paris, France, 800 thousand euros worth of jewelry belonging to a princess from the royal family of Saudi Arabia was stolen. French police opened an investigation into the incident.

No details were given about the jewel claimed to have been stolen from a room at the Ritz in Paris.

The police sources, who started an investigation about the incident, said that the room in question was not protected and therefore theft occurred easily.

In the same hotel in 2016 and 2018, two theft in the event of about 11 million euros worth of jewelry and jewelry had been stolen.

Dazzled on Rihanna Diamond Ball

Dazzled on Rihanna Diamond Ball

Rihanna hosted the 4th Traditional Diamond Ballroom for the Clara Lionel Foundation, founded in honor of her grandmother and grandfather. He did not leave his famous friends Rihanna alone at the ball held in New York.

The 30-year-old Barbadian singer Rihanna is also crowning her music success with a career in acting and design. The world famous star, which recently introduced the collection of underwear called Savage x Fenty, hosted a charity ball last night.

New Owner of Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond: Harry Winston

New Owner of Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond: Harry Winston

Harry Winston, Inc. 18,96-carat Fancy Vivid says she bought the diamond and named the diamond “Winston Pink Legacy”.

New Owner of Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond: Harry Winston



Harry Winston CEO Nayla Hayek: Harry Winston, known as the King of the Diamonds, is known for his unwavering dedication to the rarest, most extraordinary gemstones, and we are proud to continue this reputation that the brand has had for almost a hundred years today. one of the most spectacular diamonds in the world, a stone of this quality and size, once you come to life, deserves to be replaced by one of the greatest diamonds of our time. we are. “

What is the secret of good diamond?

What is the secret of good diamond?

It is a passion for some of our brilliant folks, even their words cut in half. Well, how are these glowing stones processed? Why do they prefer? What is the secret of good diamond?

Diamond ore is handled with care .. Turns into eye-catching jewels. In the fingers, the brilliant diamonds are dazzling in the necks. How do these stones turn into a fascinating work of art after millions of years under the earth?


The dream of women is an indispensable gift of diamond, especially marriage proposals. Why do women want to have a diamond? The experts says, “Women are the most right thing to have a fingertip in their fingers, or they are in the subconscious, and that’s why they are worthy of the ladies who are worth it.”

Of course, the cost of having this gorgeous beauty is quite expensive. Those who do not have enough power to take diamonds in this way, this precious jewel tends to imitate. Business specialists warn that they must be very careful when buying diamonds.

Diamond is not a investment asset!

The expert said, “Good diamond already speaks for itself, and good brilliance, good design and good jeweler tells itself when it comes out of it.

Indicating that it is wrong to regard the diamond as an investment instrument, expert  said, “It is absolutely not an investment vehicle to tell the ladies when they are thought of for investment purposes.”

“Diamond pleasure and happiness”.

Half million diamond ring in the sink!

Half million diamond ring in the sink!

Producer and actress Mahsun Kirmizigul and his wife Ece Binay went to a famous fish restaurant last week. Binay has forgotten about half a million wedding rings when the restaurant went to wash his hands in the lavatory. Later, the restaurant staff noticed the ring and lifted it to the cave.

Meghan earned a fortune from Markle’s wedding

Meghan earned a fortune from Markle’s wedding

Last month, it was stated that Meghan Markle, who entered the world house with a magnificent ceremony with Prince Harry of Great Britain, added 1 million sterling (approx. 6 million Turkish liras) worth of jewels she owned with wedding gifts and the contribution of the Queen of England.

Bülent Ersoy swallowed the diamond

Bülent Ersoy swallowed the diamond

Bülent Ersoy, who was discharged after a private hospital treatment, was first referred to as “There is a stain on his liver”, followed by “Kidney stone” diagnosis. Fevzi Siverek, the producer of the most interesting statement about the speculation about Diva’s health, said: “Bülent Hanım has swallowed diamonds. “