Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamond Million Dollar Watch

Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamond Million Dollar Watch

In one event, Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamond, an Android operating system smartphone worth about $ 1 million, was introduced.
At the time of the SIHH 2018 event, there are 589 diamonds worth $ 197,000. Tag Heuer Connected Full Diamond worth $ 918,000 is the most expensive Android smart watch. The product features 23.35 carat handcrafted brilliant on it. Of these diamonds, 78 are in the frame, 16 are in the gauge ends, and 495 are in the bracelet. One of the diamonds is worth about $ 334.

Million dollar smart clock
Saatin box and bracelet are made of 18-gauge white gold. Android Wear 2.0 smartphone with AMOLED screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFCi GPS and Intel ATOM Z34XX processor. At the same time, you can replace the electronic body of the product with the mechanics of your choice.

You might be buying glass for brilliance

You might be buying glass for brilliance

Be careful when buying diamonds, one of the most preferred gifts on Anniversary Day, remember to ask for your certificate when buying precious stones.

Many people came to search for gifts before the Day of the Anniversary, which was celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May. For those who still can not find a present, I explained the meaning of jewelery options, jewelery and the points to be careful when choosing.

When we take jewelry, we must first buy it from a brand-name company, unfortunately we find products that are sold with false stones, which are very common in diamond, diamond or colored stones. So when products with brand value are bought, people at least know that the products that the firm will give them are the right products. Which stones do they especially want to buy? Emeralds, rubies or sapphires, diamonds? It is absolutely necessary to do design and preliminary research. They also need to find out which company is the most popular.
Then you need to ask for the certification of these products. Do your products really stand behind the company, do not you stop? This is important to us. Or you could have bought a semi-precious stone or even a cama by giving it a diamond.

$ 1.5 million diamond out of candy packages

$ 1.5 million diamond out of candy packages

Atatürk Airport was seized by the diamond police seized
At Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, a diamond worth $ 1.5 million wrapped in sugar packets was seized. An Iranian woman confiscated 550 grams of bricks that a passenger wanted to smuggle through the country.

They can not believe their eyes! Heavenly gold and brilliants

They can not believe their eyes! Heavenly gold and brilliants

An incredible incident happened in the Yakut Republic of Siberia, Russia. The gold, platinum and diamonds extracted from the mines in the region were opened during the departure of the plane which had to be transported, tons of precious metal and diamonds scattered around. Now, the security forces are working to collect loads of land worth millions of dollars and the surrounding lands. Local people are walking around Yakutsk Airport with the thought of “Maybe I will find it”.
The odd event outside of the ordinary was happening this morning. According to “Yakutmedya” news, the AN-12 transport plane was full of 172 gold bullies each weighing 20 kilos, a platinum bullion close to 200, and an unspecified amount of diamonds.

20 thousand dollars ‘super phone’ sales are coming

20 thousand dollars ‘super phone’ sales are coming

The sales price of the mobile phone named Solarin, which targets the managers of the company named Sirin, is announced as 20 thousand dollars.

The new phone, produced in partnership with Britain and Israel, has a military-grade firewall and has a technology at least two to three years ahead of the latest phones on the market.

The company’s founders, Mossa Hogeg, said in a statement to the Reuters news agency, “Although we do not have an advantageous commercial advantage, we offer the world’s latest technology to users.”

The Solarin smartphone will work with the Android operating system. However, the information about the telephone’s technical equipment or software is kept confidential.

It is stated that the phone will be moved to the market in May.

Luxury phone market worth $ 1.1 billion
Moshe Hogeg thinks that thousands of company executives in Europe and the United States can deduct 20 thousand dollars for this phone.
The world’s luxury mobile phone market is estimated at 1.1 billion dollars. But the pricing of expensive phones is usually technological hardware, luxury symbols such as gold plated.

British Vertu’s gold-plated and diamond-embossed phones are sold at prices ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000.

The most expensive phone to date is the Apple 5 Black Diamond with a black diamond on it. This phone has found a buyer for $ 15.3 million.

1111 carat: The world’s second largest

1111 carat: The world’s second largest

A mine in Botswana has the world’s second-largest.

The 1111-carat stone was found in the Karowe mine, about 500 km north of the capital Gaborone.

It is said that it is the largest diamond in the country as far as now.

At the same time the stone is recorded as the largest diamond in the world over a period of over a hundred years. The 3106-carat Cullinan was found in 1905 in South Africa.

The diamond was divided into nine stones belonging to most British royal families.

Two more diamonds in the same mine
William Lamb, General Manager of Canadian company Lucara Diamond, announced that they had found two diamonds in the mine, 813 and 374 carats.

The world’s second-largest apple is not yet valued.

However, commodity and mining specialist Kieron Hodgson said there is no doubt that the price for the AFP agency would be too high.

In April a diamond of 100 carats was sold for 22.1 million dolars.

It has been announced that the process of cutting and polishing the diamonds in South Africa has been going on for more than a year.

The most diamonds in the world are being removed in Botswana.

26 carat diamond: 20$ from the public market, to be sold for 1.5 million

26 carat diamond: 20$ from the public market, to be sold for 1.5 million

A diamond ring bought in the UK 30 years ago from the second hand market for 10 sterlies is expected to sell 350 thousand sterling at the auction.

‘Pink Star’ broke the world record with 71 million dollars
Jessica Wyndham of the Sotheby’s auction company, the owner of the 1980s robe, said that he had been wearing it for many years without knowing it was valuable and said, “The owner did not think the stone was brilliant because it was old and not polished and wore every day, but this is the 19th century, 26 carat a diamond, “he said.

The ring will go on sale on July 7th. The ring does not want the owner’s name to be disclosed.

How to Determine the Real Diamond

How to Determine the Real Diamond

The diamond, which is obtained by cutting 57 precious stones of the precious stone, which is accepted as the most valuable stone in the world, adorns every woman’s dream. It is a stone with a high price because it attracts a lot of attention all over the world.

In this case, it is very important that the stone that is purchased and bought with high sums is real or not. Imitations of this valuable stone are also on the market, and these imitation stones are so realistic that they can not be distinguished from real brilliance.

First of all, the first measure to avoid such a situation is to buy a diamond with GIA and HRD certificates recognized by the world.

But the reality check of an irritant can be tried individually with some methods. With these simple methods you can control the reality of your diamond.

• Water Test: This is a very simple diamond test of realism, which is not only very useful. If a diamond is put on the water when it is placed on the water, this stone is absolutely real and real diamonds are sinking to the bottom.

• Mist Test: This stone is a real stone if it is wiped out in a short time when the mist formed on the diamond stone is wiped. The remaining 4 seconds longer shows that the diamond is fake.

• Wear: If there is an image such as aging and wear on the stone, this stone is absolutely real.

• Stone Metal: The real diamond stone is designed from high quality horses or platters. The diamond is made with low quality and cheap metal is definite.

How to Determine the Real Diamond
Fake diamonds, which are very meaningful for women and are called intense interest-ending imitations, have begun to be produced. These fraudulent rings, which are frequently found in diamond tektaş ring models, play their dreams as much as they are in the budget. There are other methods besides the above methods. These methods include;


The brilliance that diamond has is unique. Cutting ratios of diamonds increase in value as the cutting angles are shaped in the master hands. Brilliance is more radiant than white light. Fake diamonds reflect a lot of light like green and yellow.


Did you know that a real diamond is not transparent? When placed on a paper journal or paper, the words must appear foggy. This image makes it possible to distinguish between fake and actual diamonds.

But this test is not very healthy because a shallow cut stone can sometimes be read, so it is necessary to be careful.


Those who have diamond know well that the reflection of diamond is the shades of gray. If a multicolored image occurs, it is fake or very low quality. A real diamond reflects from everywhere.

The world’s largest pink diamond sold for record price

The world’s largest pink diamond sold for record price

The world’s largest pink diamond record fiyata sold

A rare diamond ring of 59.60 karats, known as the “Pink Star”, was sold in Hong Kong at an auction of 71 million dolars.

pink diamond at the same time at an auction.

The diamond ring bought a jewelery store in Hong Kong.

Sotheby’s auction company announced that the auction took 5 minutes.

The same diamond ring was sold in Geneva for $ 83 million in 2013, but the buyer could not pay the money.

The most expensive diamond ring record belongs to the stone named “Oppenheimer Blue” which sold for 50 million dolars in May last year.

“Pink Star”, 132.5 carats in untreated form, was discovered by De Beers in 1999 as a mine in Africa.

Cutting and polishing of the diamond lasted 2 years