Caviar worth the fortune of the iPhone XS!

Apple introduced new iPhone models last month. iPhone Xs and Xs Max have been sold for about 1 month. Cupertino-based company iPhone Xs 999 dollars, if Xs inside Max 1099 dollars had set a starting price. If these prices are cheap, we recommend you to look at the iPhone models designed by Russian jewelry company Caviar .

Let’s make a little reminder for those who don’t know. Caviar, a jewelery company based in Russia. This company has been taking the new iPhone models for years and decorating them with gold, titanium and silver.

Caviar has already launched some models of gold, emerald with new iPhone models . Now, a design line called the Grand Complications Skeleton was created. If you wish, you can take a look at the models with this design.

The Russian jewelry company has set prices for the Skeleton series Xs for $ 6490 . If you like Xs Max, you may need to pay extra 230 dollars.

If you’re wondering how Caviar makes the Xs and Xs Max look like this, you can watch the video from the design stage below.

A footnote. If you want to buy a Caviar-signed Xs model , you need to disregard $ 36.500 from the current exchange rate .

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