What should be taken into consideration when buying diamonds

Be careful of these while taking diamonds!
It can be very enjoyable to buy diamonds if you know a few tricks. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the standard of 4C diamond. Color, clarity, carat and cut.

Most of the diamonds look colorless. But there are definitely differences in tone between them. In general, the more brilliant a diamond is, the more valuable it is. In diamond, the color is classified as starting from D, which is the initial letter of the word ‘diamond’, to reach Z. J color and diamonds over it are reasonable and sufficient white.

Diamond is a natural stone, each stone has its own characteristics. The number, the color, the structure, the location and the size, the nature and the value of the materials in this stone, which are described as ‘fingerprints of nature’, are shown. Since it is very difficult to find a diamond that does not have a natural trail, the ones with the least marks are close to perfect. SI and clear diamonds should be preferred if possible.

The weight of the diamond is measured by ‘carat’. If we take into account other characteristics (color, cut, clarity), the price of stone increases as the weight increases. But that does not mean arithmetic or a proportional increase in the price increase. Especially when marriage proposal is made, it is recommended to take 0.20 ct on tektaş rings.

The only feature created by human hands on diamond is cut. Cutting is one of the factors that most influence the light and the effect of the diamond on the turning back to the diamond. The better the cut, the brighter the brilliance, the brighter the spark and the sparkle. You can see the effect of moving the stone left and right and up and down.

Where should diamond be taken?
The most important thing to be aware of when taking a diamond is trust and guarantee. When purchasing brilliant jewelery, you should choose a trustworthy, professional and trustworthy dealer. The main difference that affects these factors is certification. Certificates, especially for the monsters, come from abroad, as well as respected and specialized jewelers can also be preferred by their own.