How to choose a Diamond?

Just as flowers and colors have a language, you have diamonds. What does a diamond gift mean to a person, what does a single diamond mean? What should be careful when buying a diamond gift?

Those who do not have any financial hardship on the gift, if they want to say “you are a the one in the world”, can give you a single stone diamond and tria which means “yesterday, today and tomorrow” to express your immortal love.

When choosing a diamond, 5 basic points should be taken into account and the price of diamonds determines these 5 properties.Jewelers call them 5C for short.

The sales representative of the jewelery to be picked firstly advised them to get general information on cuts, color, clarity, carat weight and certificates. The diamond is a natural name given the name of the diamond, diamonds are cut to indicate that the special shape of the diamond , 0,01 carat weight, even a small diamond, 57 facets (cut).

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