How to Determine the Real Diamond

The diamond, which is obtained by cutting 57 precious stones of the precious stone, which is accepted as the most valuable stone in the world, adorns every woman’s dream. It is a stone with a high price because it attracts a lot of attention all over the world.

In this case, it is very important that the stone that is purchased and bought with high sums is real or not. Imitations of this valuable stone are also on the market, and these imitation stones are so realistic that they can not be distinguished from real brilliance.

First of all, the first measure to avoid such a situation is to buy a diamond with GIA and HRD certificates recognized by the world.

But the reality check of an irritant can be tried individually with some methods. With these simple methods you can control the reality of your diamond.

• Water Test: This is a very simple diamond test of realism, which is not only very useful. If a diamond is put on the water when it is placed on the water, this stone is absolutely real and real diamonds are sinking to the bottom.

• Mist Test: This stone is a real stone if it is wiped out in a short time when the mist formed on the diamond stone is wiped. The remaining 4 seconds longer shows that the diamond is fake.

• Wear: If there is an image such as aging and wear on the stone, this stone is absolutely real.

• Stone Metal: The real diamond stone is designed from high quality horses or platters. The diamond is made with low quality and cheap metal is definite.

How to Determine the Real Diamond
Fake diamonds, which are very meaningful for women and are called intense interest-ending imitations, have begun to be produced. These fraudulent rings, which are frequently found in diamond tektaş ring models, play their dreams as much as they are in the budget. There are other methods besides the above methods. These methods include;


The brilliance that diamond has is unique. Cutting ratios of diamonds increase in value as the cutting angles are shaped in the master hands. Brilliance is more radiant than white light. Fake diamonds reflect a lot of light like green and yellow.


Did you know that a real diamond is not transparent? When placed on a paper journal or paper, the words must appear foggy. This image makes it possible to distinguish between fake and actual diamonds.

But this test is not very healthy because a shallow cut stone can sometimes be read, so it is necessary to be careful.


Those who have diamond know well that the reflection of diamond is the shades of gray. If a multicolored image occurs, it is fake or very low quality. A real diamond reflects from everywhere.

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