Isn’t the diamond as precious as we think

It was determined that a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), together with colleagues from Harvard University, Melbourne University and the University of Technology and Science of China, had a very high probability of being 1 quadrillion tons of diamond in the 145 to 240 kilometer depth of the globe. Or is it not a stone that is as difficult as it is supposed to be, diamonds in wars, cruelty and human life?

Isn't the diamond as precious as we think it is?

How was this conclusion reached?

How was this conclusion reached?

MIT ‘s website said in a statement made by sound waves as a result of the controls were made. The sound waves, which vary according to the temperature, density and structure of the rocks, predicted to be close to 2 percent , ie 1 quadrillion tons of diamonds in the crater forming the core of the continents .

Technology is inadequate yet

Technology inadequate

If the predictions are true, and diamonds are not as rare as we think, the current mining technology is not at the level to reach those tons of diamonds. The diamond, which can be reached on earth, is still valuable, and in Africa , especially in Africa , there is a trade that can be regarded as human crime.

What happens if the 1 quadrillion diamond is reached?

What happens if the 1 quadrillion diamond is reached?

If the technology reaches the development of the diamond in the crater, the value of the diamond drops and is removed from the jewelery market. So what does the persecution and bloody trade done to people to reach the diamond? 

Sorry, it’s not over. This is the case for diamonds and not for diamonds.

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