Lucara Diamond was sold to Graff Diamonds

Lesedi La Rona’s hand in the hands of Lucara Diamond was sold to Graff Diamonds, worth 53 million dollars, which is just below its value.
We recently made a report on the world’s largest untreated second-hand. The gigantic diamond that auctioned from 70 million dollars in size of 1.109 carats,and could not find any buyer with this price tag. Lesedi La Rona, the location of the place where Botswana’s Tswana language means “light”, was discovered by the Lucara company and led to a 40 percent drop in the company’s shares within two years.

Here is the diamond diamond that finally found the buyer. It is not known whether the diamond purchased by British-based Graff Diamonds for $ 53 million will be sold in large pieces or in small pieces.

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