Luxury vehicle covered with 1 million diamond stones

The owner of a car coating company in Ankara covered his luxury car with about 1 million diamond stones. Mustafa Baranli, who has been in the car coating business for 12 years, covered his luxury car with about 1 million stones known as “diamond”.

The luxury vehicle covered with stones is very interesting.

Baranlı attracted attention with different car coatings in the last years, so people surprised and they do PR work, he said.

Baranlı stating that they are working with handwork to reveal this image, this coating is completed with a team of 4 people in about 3.5 months, he said.

Foil underneath
Baranli, under the stones with the foil they use underlined that the vehicle does not damage the paint. The interest of the people and phenomena is intense Baranlı said that the reaction of the public and social media phenomena was intense. We have received very good reactions. Our phenomenon friends also know this vehicle right now.

It is possible to wash as requested
Baranlı stating that this vehicle will not be a problem with traffic, cleaning is not different from the normal vehicles by expressing, pressurized water, foam and sponge can be washed the vehicle said.

Cost for those who want to have such a vehicle, depending on the size of the vehicle can start from 125 thousand pounds to 200 thousand pounds.

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