Quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep in Motherearth!

Quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep in Motherearth!

At the depths of eathe, it is reported that there are approximately one thousand times, quadrillion tons of diamonds.
Based on CNN’s research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it was stated that diamond layers were discovered at a trillionth of a thousandths of a millimeter below the surface of the Earth.

Utilizing seismic technology that uses sound waves to make measurements, researchers have calculated that quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep at the root of rock-like rock-like mountains.

Today it is pointed out that the tools used in mining can not reach this depth.

Scientists from the University of Technology and Science in China have contributed to the research with the universities of California, Harvard and Melbourne.

how to clean diamond

How to polish diamond rings?

The Ring is undoubtedly one of the most precious accessories in our lives. Sometimes he shows himself in marriage proposals, sometimes as a stylish gift, sometimes as an engagement, a promise. Diamond rings are one of the indispensable gifts of such special occasions. Many diamond rings up to different models than solitary rings are among the most precious stones embellishing the dreams of women, but how can we use these precious stones as bright and lively as the first day? Here we will tell you how to shine in this post without harming the diamond rings.

polishing diamond

  1. Cleaning with liquid detergent
    Although liquid detergent and diamond cleaning are not among the recommended methods, they are among the best ways to get results in a short time. Fill a small container with warm water first, then add a small amount of liquid detergent. After this, after you have soaked your face in water and waited for a while, brush it with a toothbrush or similar soft brush. Finally, you can wipe your face with a cloth and enjoy the brightness.
  2. Cleaning using special cleaning products
    You can clean your customized chemical liquid diamond ring for diamond cleaning. By following the instructions on the box, you can clear your diamond face, one of the most precious symbols of your love, and use it with peace of mind.
  3. Cleaning using ammonia
    Another effective cleaning method in diamond cleaning is using ammonia. It is possible to clean your ring easily with ammonia, hot water, brush, gloves and detergent at home. Put it in a bowl and add ammonia to the hot water for a quarter of a cup of water and stand in your diamond ring for about 30 minutes. Then put the ring in the mix as you do in the first item, and follow the same steps, using a soft brush, without excessively cleaning your face and letting it dry. With this method your ring will be as bright and glamorous as the first day.

    By using these three methods, you can easily polish your rings or other diamond accessories at home so that everyone can admire your jewelery.

What is the secret of good diamond?

What is the secret of good diamond?

It is a passion for some of our brilliant folks, even their words cut in half. Well, how are these glowing stones processed? Why do they prefer? What is the secret of good diamond?

Diamond ore is handled with care .. Turns into eye-catching jewels. In the fingers, the brilliant diamonds are dazzling in the necks. How do these stones turn into a fascinating work of art after millions of years under the earth?


The dream of women is an indispensable gift of diamond, especially marriage proposals. Why do women want to have a diamond? The experts says, “Women are the most right thing to have a fingertip in their fingers, or they are in the subconscious, and that’s why they are worthy of the ladies who are worth it.”

Of course, the cost of having this gorgeous beauty is quite expensive. Those who do not have enough power to take diamonds in this way, this precious jewel tends to imitate. Business specialists warn that they must be very careful when buying diamonds.

Diamond is not a investment asset!

The expert said, “Good diamond already speaks for itself, and good brilliance, good design and good jeweler tells itself when it comes out of it.

Indicating that it is wrong to regard the diamond as an investment instrument, expert  said, “It is absolutely not an investment vehicle to tell the ladies when they are thought of for investment purposes.”

“Diamond pleasure and happiness”.

How to choose a diamond ring?

How to choose a diamond ring?

The rings are seen as a symbol of your marriage. If there are many kinds of rings, each ring has its own characteristics. Among these ring types, the most important thing is to find the one that will reflect you in the most accurate way. So first decide whether you want an exaggerated and very stony ring or a more modest, simple stone ring.
Round stones are usually the most preferred rings. Although the stone-clad rings are more ornate and flashy, they can be a bit useless if you are working in a job where you use a lot of your hands.
Choose rings according to your handwriting
Both hands are different from each other. So you should also add which hand you choose when buying a ring.

Choice of diamond rings for long and thin fingers
If you have thin fingers, you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Because you can get almost everything you want with a great look by putting your finger on it.

Selection of diamond rings for small fingers
If your fingers are small, you should choose a ring that matches your finger size. Very large stone rings can be as if your fingers do not belong to you. So, a little small and round shaped stones will be more beautiful and attractive on your fingers.

Selection of diamond rings for thick fingers
For thick fingers, the best ring choice, of course, is the larger rings. So, you can also choose multi-stoned rings instead of single stones. Even three stones will provide an effective look to your fingers.

Half million diamond ring in the sink!

Half million diamond ring in the sink!

Producer and actress Mahsun Kirmizigul and his wife Ece Binay went to a famous fish restaurant last week. Binay has forgotten about half a million wedding rings when the restaurant went to wash his hands in the lavatory. Later, the restaurant staff noticed the ring and lifted it to the cave.

This key is more expensive than a Ferrari

This key is more expensive than a Ferrari

Sweden-based Koenigsegg, a luxury car manufacturer, has designed such a key for the new car, the Agera R, that you can own a 250 X iPhone or a Ferrari car.

Koenigsegg, the vehicles he designs, appeals to almost millions of people. So they compete with powerful engines that can be used in SpaceX’s rockets. Koenigsegg has also developed a very expensive key for the new model Agera R vehicle.
The price of this luxury key is $ 242,000. The reason why it is so expensive is that it is special to the rich. The outer surface of the key is covered with silver, with 40 carat diamonds on its edges.

Here is Koenigsegg’s Agera R vehicle! He will make a big difference to his riffs.

Meghan earned a fortune from Markle’s wedding

Meghan earned a fortune from Markle’s wedding

Last month, it was stated that Meghan Markle, who entered the world house with a magnificent ceremony with Prince Harry of Great Britain, added 1 million sterling (approx. 6 million Turkish liras) worth of jewels she owned with wedding gifts and the contribution of the Queen of England.

How to choose a Diamond?

Just as flowers and colors have a language, you have diamonds. What does a diamond gift mean to a person, what does a single diamond mean? What should be careful when buying a diamond gift?

Those who do not have any financial hardship on the gift, if they want to say “you are a the one in the world”, can give you a single stone diamond and tria which means “yesterday, today and tomorrow” to express your immortal love.

When choosing a diamond, 5 basic points should be taken into account and the price of diamonds determines these 5 properties.Jewelers call them 5C for short.

The sales representative of the jewelery to be picked firstly advised them to get general information on cuts, color, clarity, carat weight and certificates. The diamond is a natural name given the name of the diamond, diamonds are cut to indicate that the special shape of the diamond , 0,01 carat weight, even a small diamond, 57 facets (cut).

Bülent Ersoy swallowed the diamond

Bülent Ersoy swallowed the diamond

Bülent Ersoy, who was discharged after a private hospital treatment, was first referred to as “There is a stain on his liver”, followed by “Kidney stone” diagnosis. Fevzi Siverek, the producer of the most interesting statement about the speculation about Diva’s health, said: “Bülent Hanım has swallowed diamonds. “