Son of an Israeli billionaire businessman detained for diamond smuggling


Israeli police detained a group of tens of millions of dollars worth of diamonds in the country.

Six suspects, including Zevulun Leviev, son of Israel’s billionaire businessman Lev Leviev, have been charged with ripping diamonds worth about 300 million shekels ($ 80 million) into Israel since 2010.

LLD Diamonds, one of the pioneers of the diamond market in the world, the LLD Diamonds owned by the Israeli police, the investigation will continue to expand, within this scope, both in Israel and abroad, said there would be more detentions.

Zevulun Leviev’s lawyers claimed that the allegations were unfounded and that the detention order was a step towards pressure on the father.

LLD Diamonds said in a statement that the company did not have any information about the alleged smuggling.

In addition, the company’s statement “Mr. Leviev and the companies under its control act under the laws. We hope that the issue becomes clear soon and the doubts are proved to be unfounded,” the statement said.

Israel is known as one of the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing centers.

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