The world’s greatest diamond! $ 6.5 million

One of Sierra Leone’s largest unprocessed diamonds, the 709-carat “Peace Apple” sold for $ 6.5 million.
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The 709-carat diamond in Sierra Leone, a West African country, was sold at an auction of $ 6.5 million in New York. Laurence Graff, the head of the British jewelery brand Graff Diamonds, was the 14th largest diamond owner in the world that was auctioned out to help the poor in the country and develop development projects.

Nearly half of the revenue generated from the sale of diamonds, $ 3.8 million, was used for clean water, electricity, education and health projects in the village of Koryardu, where the diamond is located to the east of the country.

The Peacemaker was sold in an auction in New York in May, and the Sierra Leona government rejected a $ 7.8 million bid.

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