The world’s largest pink diamond sold for record price

The world’s largest pink diamond record fiyata sold

A rare diamond ring of 59.60 karats, known as the “Pink Star”, was sold in Hong Kong at an auction of 71 million dolars.

pink diamond at the same time at an auction.

The diamond ring bought a jewelery store in Hong Kong.

Sotheby’s auction company announced that the auction took 5 minutes.

The same diamond ring was sold in Geneva for $ 83 million in 2013, but the buyer could not pay the money.

The most expensive diamond ring record belongs to the stone named “Oppenheimer Blue” which sold for 50 million dolars in May last year.

“Pink Star”, 132.5 carats in untreated form, was discovered by De Beers in 1999 as a mine in Africa.

Cutting and polishing of the diamond lasted 2 years

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