This phone is 1 million 300 thousand dollars!

This phone is 1 million 300 thousand dollars!
The price of this mobile phone is exactly 1 million 300 thousand dollars. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong. A real fortune. Here are the features of the phone that has lip kite price:


We’ve seen a lot of expensive mobile phones like Vertu, but we have to admit that we’ve seen it for the first time. When the price is so high, it is more accurate to call the rich people of the rich.

This device is a smart phone which is also a communication encryption master. As a matter of fact, the company has also called the phone “Diamond Crypto Smartphone”. The starting point of the project is actually very simple. In short, the company summarizes it as ’personal communication, the jewel of the past and the expression of being different diamond. When this is the case, the cost of being special is 1 million 300 thousand dollars.

The phone’s manufacturer, the Russian company Ancort’s logo and navigation key, is made of 18 carat gold. Apart from the 5-carat blue diamond on the navigation key, the two sides of the phone are decorated with 25 jewels.



Operating System: Windows CE
Host Processor: Motorola MX21 (266 MHz)
Memory: 64 MB (Flash) / 64 MB (RAM)
Network Frequencies: GSM 900/1800
Display: Color TFT (262.144 colors) 2.2 inch touch
Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels
Battery: 1350 mAh (Li-Polymer)
Standby / talk: 100/2 hours
Size: 115 x 53 x 24 mm
Other: E-Mail, WAP 2.0, GPRS, Java, modem, ActiveSync, USB, Wav, MP3 support, vibration, Microsoft Word

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