Why the “Chocolate Diamonds” is one of the best quality?

Brown diamonds which are almost the most worthless type of diamonds add value to their value in recent years .

At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, who had a $ 130,000 chocolate diamond necklace, paid only $ 16,000 to borrow, diamond earrings …

This kind of diamond, which became popular after all, was a stone that we could never see on the red carpet, more recently, 6 times cheaper than its current price. So what has changed, why have chocolate diamonds become so expensive?

The colors of the diamonds, depending on the elementenlerin the carbon structure during their formation develops.

For example, boron, the diamond has a sweet blue, while the diamond is close to a natural source of radiation during formation, green color causes. Whatever the reason, diamonds have a variety of colors, such as rainbow. Apart from these colors, there are also brown diamonds.

Brown diamonds, which were sold at cheap prices because of their low quality and very flawed for centuries, were not wanted by the jewelers.

Especially when they can use bright colors like pink, blue or yellow instead. Therefore, brown diamonds are used in tools that provide functions such as drilling rocks and cutting glass.

But in 1986, this situation changed after the opening of the Argyle Mine, the majority of the diamonds produced by the diamonds, which produced more diamonds than any other mine on Earth.

Even though it was said that the amount of precious stones extracted from Argyle was not equal to the quality, companies still managed to create a market.

LeVian became the most prominent brand in this regard.

Eddie LeVian, the CEO of the brand , says:, We found natural, beautifully colored, air brown diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.

The brand “Chocolate Diamond” started to market in 2000 and grew in a short time.

Google searches for ” chocolate diamonds” rose from 0 in 2007 to 400,000 in 2014. As they became popular, their values naturally increased. “The price of chocolate diamonds has more than tripled in this process.” says LeVian.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the price of brown diamonds was about 1,500 dollars per carat, but now it goes up to $ 10,000.

The price of larger stones is up to 25 times.

Of course, LeVian is not the only brand that tries to re-market brown diamonds.

Other jewelery brands such as Zales tried to sell these stones by giving them names like “champagne”, “cognac” and “cappuccino”. But the most successful name was ” chocolate “.

LeVian also mentions that only 4% of the extracted diamonds meet the criteria.

For this, the diamonds have to have shapes between c4 and c6 and should be close to the milk chocolate color than the bitter .

Although the rumor is currently rumored to have exhausted diamonds at the Argyle mine, the expert, John King, thinks that diamonds can be found in a variety of colors.

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